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the story so far

Linda Otton has painted, sketched, and inked as long as she could hold a brush, pencil or pen but when she found herself looking at the same generic wall art in every property, whilst searching for a home in Stockholm, the first spark of what would become Otton art & design was glimpsed.

Pretty much everything you see with Linda’s signature in the bottom right hand corner has, at one time, been on her own wall at home (seriously, the Otton house looks like a gallery!) and so every piece has a strong personal attachment. This bond is mirrored in the care that goes into every order, right down to the hand tied string around the package...



ink deer sketch by Linda Otton

Otton art has flourished in a relatively short amount of time, having only fully established itself in early 2015. We’re proud of this fact and with the growing popularity of the illustrative and design services we offer, the name was changed to incorporate “design” in order to better reflect the buisness.


Several exclusive designs have been produced by Linda to be featured on homeware items and some gorgeous shops have become stockists of prints.

Whether it was a single print being sent within Sweden or to the other side of the world, a box of them shipping to a shop in Paris or a motif being sent over the interweb as part of a bigger design, everything that comes out of the studio is treated the same.


Otton art & design will never grow tired of carefully packaging a print to be sent to, and put up in, someone’s home, but our enthusiasm for interiors and design means we’re eager to simultaneously pursue more opportunities in a field we’re passionate about.


Our story is short (so far!), but we’ve found every chapter exciting and we can’t wait to find out what happens next, will you be a part of it?

ink moose sketch by Linda Otton
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